Divorce : Post-Marriage Millennials

Date: December 17,  2015
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Divorce is often thought of a problem for older folks, as the dramatic conclusion of a midlife crisis or a lifetime or mutual bad blood. But young people get divorced, too. While the rates of marriage among young people have dropped significantly since millennials entered their twenties, the divorce rates within the portion that does marry remains high.


Millennials get divorced, too. But much of the divorce coping advice you’ll find online is geared toward an older generation. Here are a few things that newly divorced young people should do and keep in mind when they find themselves in this scary, lonely situation.

Reconnect With Friends After Divorce

One advantage young people who get divorced have over their elders in similar situations is that their networks of friends are still going strong. Older people who get divorced tend to have difficulty finding ways to reconnect and socialize, since most of their friends are either still married, have moved far away, or both.


If you’re in your twenties, your friends are probably still out having a good time. It shouldn’t be too tough to catch up on lost time. Being single when you’re young isn’t really so bad; there’s a reason most your peers are waiting for their thirties to get married.

Reconnect With Old Flames Post Divorce

Here’s another great thing about an early split. Your old woulda/coulda/shouldas are probably still available! And they might just be guiltily excited that you’re back in the game. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get more opportunities to connect than you ever did in high school—those near-misses might realize they missed a big shot initially and have been granted a second chance.

Focus on Your Hobbies

You’ve still got time to cultivate your old passions. Or work on some new ones. You’re still young enough to pick up skateboarding, the piano, or whatever you want. You could even sit around playing video games for hours at a time. Think about all the time you spent fighting and working with your ex and imagine how much you could have accomplished if you’d put all that energy toward something productive. Well, now you can do just that. Pick a hobby, stick to it, and build something for yourself for a change.

Focus on Your Career

As a young person, you’ve also got tons of time left to earn a degree or work on a promotion. You’ve probably been spending the last few years fighting and wasting all kinds of energy on a doomed relationship. You’ve still got that time and talent. Put your newfound energy into something that lasts.


When you get divorced, you’re not distracted. You can put all of yourself into your professional life. And now that you’ve made it through such a rough experience, you’ll have a new maturity with which to approach your goals. If you’re a career-minded millennial, you’ve got a golden opportunity to advance your job life. You could Get that Master’s Degree, work on some certifications, or simply switch jobs.  


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