How To Transition Smoothly Into Being Single After Divorce

Date: September 17,  2016
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Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences anyone could ever go through. It’s learning to embrace a new life on your own after building it with someone else. You were once the other half of someone, and now you’re on your own. In many ways divorce is like mourning a death. You go through all of the stages of grief, anger, and denial. Although divorce is difficult, and even traumatic, it doesn’t have to mean the end of you.

Set a new path for your single self!

The truth is that in a marriage you can sometimes invest a lot of yourself to the point of losing your identity and sense of self. Many couples find that after experiencing the pain, loss and grief of divorce they begin to explore new things. Divorce for some is an opportunity for a fresh start in life. Like any fresh start, you want to make sure that you approach the new season of your life smoothly. Divorce is a tough transition.

Stay away from triggers

Watching a romantic movie involving other couples loving on each other in public can be difficult as you’re now navigating a life on your own. Finding yourself laying on an empty bed you once shared with the person you loved deeply can be emotionally devastating. Invest in your well-being and be kind to yourself as you move forward in life. Make new goals for yourself.

Some practical tips to make the single transition smoother

Divorce is already a difficult thing to deal with. You want to approach your new life by eliminating anything that will trigger pain and negative emotions. Consider releasing some things and adding newness to your life.

Get rid of any memorabilia. Having pictures of your ex around will not help you heal and move forward.

Care for yourself as a single person. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself and your needs. A broken heart and relationship can lead to health issues. Avoid thinking too deeply about the relationship. Consider seeking therapy to help you heal and release the past.

Explore new hobbies. Being single again can open the door to self-exploration. Are there things that you gave up during your marriage? Perhaps there were parts of you that were placed on a shelf. Don’t be afraid to go revisit some of the things and places you once enjoyed. You may even want to start new hobbies. Embrace your new life as an adventure and not a tragedy.

Avoid Dating Right Away Rebound relationships are never the answer after you have undergone a divorce. Take the time you need to heal and mend. Get to know yourself in this new season. Instead of focusing on romantic relationships and going back to the dating scene, why not invest in your friendships.

Journal your thoughts. If you’ve never journaled before you may want to begin now. Writing down what you feel can be very cathartic and provide a platform for healing. Write a letter to your ex explaining everything you feel. Write a letter to yourself. Allow yourself to feel what you need to feel during that time and learn to release the emotions later.

Seek out a healthy future

If you’re experiencing depression after your divorce you want to seek out counseling to deal with the grief and anger that you are feeling. Divorce is like a death, and you’ll have a time of mourning. It’s the end of a dream you once had. It’s saying goodbye to plans that you once had and rearranging a life that only includes you and perhaps children.

One of the greatest things that you can do for yourself after a divorce is to forgive yourself. Remember that the relationship you were in involved two people. If there are areas that you feel that need mending, or you’re experiencing guilt, grief and depression, seek out help to navigate those emotions. Make being healthy and whole if your goal.

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